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Clean Water SolutionClean Water SolutionClean Water Solution

Water supply and purification

If you would like to pour clean water in your glass, but for any reason you don't have the possibility to do so, contact us. Our company is at your disposal in any of the following services:

  • Water production
  • Building new water supply and distributing systems
  • Upgrade and update of existing systems
  • Water management
  • Water purification, mobile water purification
Whether several thousand inhabitants of a settlement or just the employees of a smaller company are affected, you can always rely on us when you have problems regarding water supply or water purity. We select the most suitable and cost-efficient resolution from a wide range of professional equipment and solutions in order to suit your needs perfectly - so you will instantly be able to access water in the required quality and purity.

One of our main products is the EVO-AID mobile water purification device. This device instantly produces drinking water directly from wastewater. The device is available in multiple sizes and capacities. From which the smallest produces the daily drinking water required for 5000 persons, fits on a standard EUR pallet and can be lifted or moved by only two persons. The bigger devices may also be fitted with an automatic packaging unit, so that the purified water can be stored for future consumption.